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Franklin Divorce Lawyers: Unusual Predictors in Divorce


No couple marries with the expectation that they will get a divorce, but in some cases, it is the best option for everyone involved. Interestingly, there are certain factors that can predict divorce—many of which are very unusual. Following are some predictors.

Family Makeup and Demographics

A study conducted in 2010 found that couples with at least one daughter are more likely to become divorced than parents of boys only. Some have speculated that this is because mothers may want to set a good standard for their daughters, and are less likely to put up with their husband’s bad conduct or neglect.

Certain demographics are also more likely to divorce. Couples with high school diplomas are more likely to divorce than a couples with college and advanced degrees. Experts surmise that this is because more educated couples need not argue about money—one less stressor to trigger arguments.

Lengthy Commutes and Disrespect

When spouses are stressed it undoubtedly takes a toll on their mood and how they treat the people closest to them. People that have a long commute to work (45 minutes or more) are more likely to divorce. A 2013 study found that 14 percent of married “mega-commuters” end up divorced.

Disrespecting a spouse is another predictor of divorce. Interestingly, where a partner frequently rolls their eyes at their spouse, the marriage is more likely to end in divorce than a marriage where both partners treat each other with respect, studies suggest.

Geography and Age

Data suggests that individuals who live in so-called “red states” (i.e., states that typically vote Republican) are more likely to divorce. Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alaska have the highest rate of divorce in the United States, according to researchers.

Couples with a wide age gap are also more likely to divorce. Various studies have shown that the closer in age two partners are, the less likely they are to divorce. This makes sense to some extent, in that couples who are closer in age may have more in common. The further a couple is from a five-year age gap, the more likely it is that their marriage will end in divorce.

Weddings and Social Media Use

Interestingly, couples that spend more than $20,000 on their wedding are more likely to divorce than couples that spent less (or nothing), according to numerous studies.

Another factor that can predict divorce is use of social media. Multiple studies over the past few years have linked the use of Facebook to divorce. A 2012 study of lawyers in the United Kingdom said that one-third of all divorces handled were a direct result of at least one spouse’s use of Facebook. This may be because social media tends to connect unhappy partners with old (or new) flames.

Franklin Divorce Lawyers at the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon, LLC Represent Individuals Seeking Divorce in New Jersey

If you have made the decision to leave your spouse, the experienced Franklin Divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon, LLC are prepared to help you navigate the divorce process. We have extensive experience in all aspects of family law with a successful track record. To schedule a consultation, call us at 732-873-6464 or contact us online today.

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