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It is just about every parent’s worst nightmare to lose their child. When DCPP, formerly known as DYFS, becomes involved in your family life, it can be cause for alarm for some families. However, being contacted by DCPP does not mean your child will be taken from you or that your family life is at risk. Having the right team of Somerset child abuse lawyers on your side who have the knowledge and experience can be the difference between keeping your family together and falling victim to underrepresentation. The first step in any process is understanding DCPP matters and also the laws regarding child abuse and neglect in New Jersey.

The Basics of DCPP (Formerly Known as DYFS)

The first important piece of information to know is that the DCPP is an admirable agency and does not want to tear families apart. In fact, when parents are found unfit, the Division of Child Protection and Permanency tries to keep the child with close relatives for temporary to permanent guardianship. However, the DCPP comes with much complexity and nuance. It is not uncommon to have judges weigh decisions while only reviewing matters with legal counsel as opposed to the parties themselves.

During these proceedings, determinations regarding custody and parenting time are often made. However, with the representation of a skilled Somerset lawyer, you can have better involvement in how your case is presented. At the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon, LLC, our Somerset County family lawyers go over the facts and documents before appearing before a judge to ensure our clients understand their defense and have an active hand in maintaining their family lives.

Presenting the Best Evidence and Defense

These types of cases can become quickly complicated and feel stacked against the parents who are defending themselves. DCPP cases often have restricted access to evidence being presented. It is not uncommon for the information to only be accessed by legal counsel while already in court. This means it is of the utmost importance that you and your legal representative go over, in detail, the evidence and support you have for your own defense, with potential information that may or may not come up in court in mind.

Our team of lawyers has experience in getting court orders to review the information ahead of time. We also have experience preparing for trial, with DCPP requirements and procedures in mind, without reviewing the potential evidence ahead of time while still gaining a favorable ruling. Each case has its own obstacles and set of circumstances. Our child abuse lawyers help parents fight for their parenting rights in a judgment-free environment and build strategies for court based on the individual family rather than past experiences with other cases.

Contact Our Somerset Child Abuse Lawyers Today

While DCPP is looking for the best interests of a child, there can often be misinformation or false accusations that throw a cog into the system. When this happens, our team of Somerset child abuse lawyers at the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon supports our clients through the emotional ordeal of keeping their families together. With offices in Somerset, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout the state of New Jersey including Middlesex and Union. We aim to keep families together despite all obstacles. Contact us online or call today to learn how we can help your family.

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