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Franklin Divorce Lawyers: Coordinating Child Custody over the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous and exciting time. Memories are made and family traditions are enjoyed. Yet, for families that are dealing with divorce, child custody issues can be compounded at the holidays. Determining where the children will spend the holidays can trigger frustration and anger that co-parenting exes had hoped to leave in the Read More

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Somerset Child Custody Lawyers: Paternal Involvement Benefits Children

It is almost universally accepted that the more involved a father is in his children’s lives, the more successful these children will be. Countless studies have demonstrated the positive effects an involved father can have on the lives of his children. Sadly, according to the U.S. Census Bureau 24 million children in America live without Read More

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Bridgewater Divorce Lawyers: Moving on After Infidelity

Spouses that divorce because of infidelity face unique and painful challenges on their road to emotional recovery. Divorce is inherently painful. When one of the partners has been unfaithful, that hurt and pain is compounded. Therapy or reflection are important tools for those who wish to move on with their lives. Divorce after infidelity shatters Read More

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Somerset Divorce Lawyers: Make Hard Divorce Easier on Children

Divorce is always going to be a major life change for children, and there is little that divorcing parents can do to alter that. However, change does not always need to be traumatic and difficult. Sometimes, when a child’s parents divorce, they are able to enjoy a new and healthier life, not having to deal Read More

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Bridgewater Divorce Lawyers Discuss Reasons to Leave a Marriage

Although every marriage has its own issues, researchers have pinpointed the three most commonly-cited reasons for divorce: abuse, addiction, and affairs. Although many problems can plague a marriage, these specific problems are often very difficult to move past. In New Jersey, you have the option to file for a fault divorce or a no-fault divorce. Read More

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Franklin Child Custody Lawyers: Determining the Best Interests of the Child

In every one of the fifty states, judges use a “best interest of the child” standard in deciding child custody cases. Some have criticized the standard because, to some extent, it requires judges to rely on their own subjective beliefs about what is best for the children. However, there are several factors that are universally Read More

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Franklin Divorce Lawyers: Unusual Predictors in Divorce

  No couple marries with the expectation that they will get a divorce, but in some cases, it is the best option for everyone involved. Interestingly, there are certain factors that can predict divorce—many of which are very unusual. Following are some predictors. Family Makeup and Demographics A study conducted in 2010 found that couples Read More

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Franklin Divorce Lawyers: Millennials Are Changing the Rules on Marriage

  Marriage used to be the foundation for starting one’s life as an independent adult. These days, some say marriage seems like a mere afterthought to young people. According to the Boston Globe, millennials are waiting longer to marry. This has many people concerned that the tradition of marriage is dying a slow death, and Read More

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Bridgewater Domestic Violence Lawyers: Apple Updates Siri’s Response to Domestic Violence

Earlier this year, researchers at Stanford University published a report showing that voice agents including Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and S Voice, did not understand confessions of sexual assault, and did not know how to answer questions about sexual abuse, physical abuse, and mental health. Our Bridgewater domestic violence lawyers applaud Apple for partnering with Read More

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Franklin Child Custody Lawyers: Back to School Co-Parenting Tips

After a divorce in New Jersey, most parents have a child custody agreement in place that allows the child to spend quality time with each parent. To make this agreement work to serve their child in the best way possible, parents need to be able to communicate effectively and work together to solve problems and Read More

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