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Bridgewater Child Custody Lawyers: Proactive Co-Parenting After Divorce

Most advice for parents that are going through a divorce comes from a preventative mindset. Rather than offering parents advice on how to proactively help their children, the typical words of wisdom dictate what should not be done, such as not putting the kids in the middle of conflict. However, not all action following a divorce needs to be a list of what not to do. Instead, the following tips and pieces of advice can help parents proactively develop an understanding with their children about what this means for their family and provide a more positive conversation regarding the changes soon to take place.

Let Them Be Kids

Part of this advice comes from a do not perspective: do not involve children in adult problems. However, the proactive part of this advice is how to do that. Maintain as much continuity in the child’s life as possible. If they typically have chores to complete, continue those expectations. Ensure they do not miss their usual after school activities and avoid other interruptions in their routine.

Talk to Them About Divorce

It is not an easy topic, but the children involved should understand what divorce entails. Creating an assuring and positive environment can help children not feel abandoned during the process. Letting your child know there will be parenting time with both parents can help ease anxiety they are having with all the impending changes.

Support Your Co-Parents Relationship with Your Child

One of the top ways to ensure child custody in New Jersey is copacetic is to show respect for the relationship between your ex-spouse and your child. It is important for the mental well-being and adjustment of your child to show support for them maintaining a relationship with both of their parents. Putting feelings aside when it comes to your child, at the very least, can lead to a better overall adjustment for the entire family.

Educate Yourself

There are a lot of resources for parents that have decided to part ways. Knowing your child’s needs, your co-parenting options, and the resources within your community can help develop a plan for the unique circumstances of your family. Each community has its own resources from groups for children making the adjustment to divorce education programs for the adults.

Create a Community of Support

In order to provide the most stability possible, working with extended family members, family, friends, and a child’s school can help. Having your child maintain a regular routine with previously established relationships in their lives can help the child feel as though not much is changing and that they are not being abandoned during this time. This can also help to take some of the pressure off the divorcing couple in their efforts to maintain a status quo for the family.

At the end of the day, keeping your child’s unique needs in mind is the most useful tool in a coparenting plan. If you and your spouse cannot reach your own agreement, a skilled family lawyer can help bridge the gaps of disagreement.

Bridgewater Child Custody Lawyers at the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon, LLC Understand the Complexities of Divorce

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