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Bridgewater Child Support Lawyers: “Gifted” Child

Recent decisions in New Jersey courtrooms have parents of talented children questioning how their child’s extra-curricular pursuits may affect their child support payments. Having a child who dedicates themselves to academic, athletic, technology, or artistic greatness requires time and resources beyond that of a child not involved in such activities. As a result, recent New Jersey family law decisions regarding child support increases for “gifted” children makes sense to many parents.

“Gifted” children have higher needs when it comes to many areas as they pursue their dreams and talents. For example, a child who is dedicated and talented in horseback riding, with practical goals of national or international competition, requires more monetary support from parents than a child who may ride horses without the drive to compete on a big stage.

With a noted difference in regular “extra-curricular activities” and the activities of a gifted child pursuing a high goal, New Jersey family courts may award supplementary child support in order to ensure the child’s efforts are not supported solely by one parent.

Typical child support payments are designed to include the cost of childhood entertainment and enrichment activities, so New Jersey family court needs to determine whether a “gifted” child’s pursuits go above and beyond standard youth activities. To determine this, a judge may look at the child’s level of dedication, achievement, accomplishment, and commitment to their talent in academics, athletics, technology, or the arts.

Each individual case will have to be heard by a family court judge, but new rulings in favor of additional support for certain “gifted” children is welcome news for parents who have been footing the bill alone for their child’s activities. Determining whether a child is gifted may lead to deliberation between judges, lawyers, and parents, and this can be a high-stress time for families.

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