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Calculating Child Support in High-Net-Worth Cases

New Jersey, like many states, has established guidelines to provide a standardized framework for determining child support awards with consistency and fairness. These guidelines take into account the parents’ incomes, the number of children involved and various other factors. However, they apply only when the parents’ combined net incomes fall within a certain range. If Read More

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Must a Non-Custodial Parent Pay for College Expenses?

While college costs are not generally a part of child support in New Jersey, you may still be required to contribute toward these educational expenses. The amount and requirements will vary depending on the circumstances. Child support does not necessarily end when a child turns 18. New Jersey law does not consider a child emancipated Read More

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Bridgewater Child Support Lawyers: “Gifted” Child

Recent decisions in New Jersey courtrooms have parents of talented children questioning how their child’s extra-curricular pursuits may affect their child support payments. Having a child who dedicates themselves to academic, athletic, technology, or artistic greatness requires time and resources beyond that of a child not involved in such activities. As a result, recent New Read More

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