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Somerset Child Custody Lawyer: Taxes for Child Support and Alimony

It can be confusing following a divorce for an individual to understand what is and is not taxable concerning child support and alimony in New Jersey. Payments of child support in New Jersey are not taxable. The recipient of the child support will not need to pay taxes on the payment received, nor will the payer have the ability to use the payment as a tax deduction. Alimony in New Jersey, however, is different from child support concerning what is taxable, making it all the more befuddling for New Jersey residents.

As opposed to child support, an individual receiving alimony in New Jersey will be taxed on the payments received. Also differing from child support, the person paying alimony in New Jersey will be able to deduct the payments made on their tax return. If a payment is made by an individual concerning child support and alimony yet is less than what is owed, then that money will go towards child support first. Also, settlements of property that do not involve the exchange of money are not considered alimony.

What is Considered Alimony in New Jersey?

In order for a payment to be considered alimony, that payment must be set up under a divorce or separation decree. A skilled family law lawyer that focuses on these issues can help when it comes to this distinction.

The following is a list of instances a payment, in regards to tax functions, will be considered alimony in New Jersey:

Somerset Child Custody Lawyer, Kisha M. Hebbon, Can Help with Child Support and Alimony Needs

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