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Somerset Divorce Lawyers: “Bird’s Nest” Approach to Co-Parenting

The “bird’s nest” approach to co-parenting involves allowing the children of divorced parents to stay in a singular family home as they grow up. It is a child-centric method of raising children amidst the turmoil of a divorce. Children are able to consistently live in a familiar environment, remain in the same school system, and maintain relationships with friends. Children are not disrupted in their daily lives by having to share their time between two separate parental households. The two parents take turns living in the family home with their children. During the time one parent is in the household, the other parent lives in a separate dwelling. Depending on certain circumstances, the two parents may have their own separate dwelling or even rotate living in the same house as the other occupies the family home with the children.

Bird nesting is not an approach that will work for all separated parents. If this type of arrangement can be maintained, it helps children to partially bypass the hardships they may endure during and after a divorce. Parents who want to adhere to this method of co-parenting in New Jersey generally must uphold a good relationship with minimal arguments. Ground rules must be laid out at the onset and must be strictly followed in order for bird nesting to work smoothly. If rules regarding household upkeep or live-in days are broken, arguments may arise and could compromise the entire agreement, affecting custody.

The differing financial situations of both parents must be taken into account when drafting the bird’s nest arrangement of co-parenting. As long as the parents are on friendly terms, they may be able to switch out living in the external household while the other is in the family home. If the parents want more privacy from each other, they can maintian two separate households. In order to keep costs down, they may be able to rent cheaper dwellings such as a studio apartment. Costs can also be cut due to the fact that multiple sets of toys, clothing and household essentials are not necessary.

The bird’s nest method of co-parenting in New Jersey is another way to raise children amidst a divorce. As long as both parents can easily communicate and keep disagreements to a minimum, it is an important approach to consider.

Somerset Child Custody Lawyer, Kisha M. Hebbon, Assists in Child Custody Cases to Provide the Best Environment for Children

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