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Client Testimonials

There are times in life when you find yourself going through periods when nothing seems to go your way.  It feels like the universe has totally forgotten about you.  You find yourself saying “Why me?”  Well, I found myself there three years ago.  Although I take full responsibility for my actions that placed me in a legal bind, I do not feel that I should be portrayed as a criminal or a menace to society.  Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq. made sure that the judge realized that I was also a man, a father, a son, and a positive role model standing before him.  I made a mistake and Ms. Hebbon helped me to deal with my mistake and to walk out of the courtroom with dignity.  Although she did not make any promises to me, having her as my attorney resulted in a wonderful outcome.  Ms. Hebbon not only defended the man in court, she also defended the man inside of me.  I now have an opportunity to show the world that I can move past my mistakes and learn from them.  There is a special place in heaven for people like Ms. Hebbon.  She is not only a good attorney, but she is also a good person.

– L. D. R.


In 2007, I found myself knocking at the door no married woman EVER wants to approach – DIVORCE.  It’s definitely not what I signed up for when I walked down that aisle with my long cathedral train.  But here I was about to become another American statistic.  I, like most “regular” people, didn’t feel we needed an attorney. The wife keeps the house and the kids, the husband pays alimony and child support, and we ALL live happily ever after. WRONG! I knew this wasn’t my destiny when my husband arrived at my doorstep with a proposed settlement that made my head spin.  Time to call an attorney and fast.

Finding an attorney was an important step.  It was important for the person who was now going to hold my future in their hands to not only be competent in their field, but to look like and understand me.  I called my sorority sister who knew an attorney but she didn’t practice family law.  But she referred me to an attorney who did.  That attorney was Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq.

I remember walking into her office for the first time.  It feels like yesterday.  She was competent, confident, professional, and understanding.  These were all of the qualities I needed my attorney to have.  I knew that GOD had sent me an angel.  I showed Ms. Hebbon the settlement agreement proposed by my husband and his attorney.  Her exact words after reading it were, “You didn’t sign this did you?  I knew then and there that I couldn’t get divorced without her.  So our journey began.  She assured me that she would do everything she could to make this event as painless as possible for me.  Before leaving her office, I clearly remember stating, “I need to protect my son and I can’t lose my house”.

Not only did Ms. Hebbon assist me in protecting my son and my home, she made every step of my divorce clear and concise.  Ms. Hebbon is truly an asset to her field and a wonderful person.  On the day of my divorce, I danced out of the courtroom!  Without Ms. Hebbon, I really don’t know where I would be today.

– S. W.

I first met Ms. Hebbon in 2005.  I was going through a really rough time during my divorce and we were selling our home. My first impression of Ms. Hebbon was that she was a real professional and that she really cared about my case. I had no problems referring people I knew to her.  I felt if she treated my case with such a sense of urgency, then she would do the same for my friends and family. And she has. When I think of words to describe her professionalism, I don’t hesitate to say she is most definitely thorough, dedicated and smart. She will fight for you; her client. Her staff always handled my case with the same amount of urgency. Her follow up was always on time.

The following year, I wanted to buy a house.  Ms. Hebbon was there for me, to handle my case as a single mom, purchasing a home.  I put a down payment on a home and decided I wanted to get out of the contract. Ms. Hebbon was able to successfully cancel that contract.  Needless to say, I got through that successfully and purchased the home that I wanted.  She handled my divorce, and the closings on both of my homes. I will continue to recommend the Law Offices of Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq. to others and you should too!

– H. G.

Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq.  represented me in my divorce in 2009-2010.  I was very frightened and unsure of where to begin the process.  Ms. Hebbon and her staff held my hand from the beginning to the end of the process and beyond.  Her and her staff were always available for questions, had a high degree for professionalism, and were never cold or distant.  While other divorce attorneys may make you feel like you are just a case, Ms. Hebbon lets you know that your case is just as important to her as it is to you.   She works hard to do what is best for the client, while still remaining ethical.  I have recommended Ms. Hebbon to friends and family members dealing with legal issues.  They all have nothing but praises and thank me for recommending her.

– T. H.

Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq. and her professional team bring confidence to those in need of legal representation.  Throughout my entire case, her preparation, knowledge of the law, and highly regarded and successful reputation proved vital to the resolution of my judicial woes.  Ms. Hebbon is definitely an asset you would want on your team, no matter the case.

–  N. P.

Kisha M. Hebbon, Esq. and her staff did a wonderful job with my divorce.  She was sensitive, attentive, detail orientated and tenacious with the other attorney.  I highly recommend her services.

–  S. G.

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