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Must a Non-Custodial Parent Pay for College Expenses?

While college costs are not generally a part of child support in New Jersey, you may still be required to contribute toward these educational expenses. The amount and requirements will vary depending on the circumstances. Child support does not necessarily end when a child turns 18. New Jersey law does not consider a child emancipated Read More

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Making a Living Trust Part of Your Estate Plan

Although your last will and testament should be the cornerstone of your estate plan, a living trust is an additional tool that can help with the transfer of your assets after you pass away and allow you control over those assets while you live. A living trust is a form of revocable trust. You as Read More

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How COVID Has Complicated Child Custody Cases

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to present difficulties for parents sharing custody and visitation rights. Parenting arrangements can become particularly contentious when parents have differing opinions on the risks of COVID or how best to protect a child from exposure. One parent may believe that the other is creating a greater risk of exposing a Read More

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Deciding on “Pet Custody” in a New Jersey Divorce

Pets hold a special place in many of our hearts. For some people, they are akin to family members or best friends. During a divorce or separation, deciding who gets a beloved pet can be challenging, especially when the parties aren’t on amicable terms. Unfortunately, there is no such principle as “pet custody” in New Read More

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How Stepparents Can Win Child Custody Rights Through Adoption

In this day and age, more and more families are blended. People with children from other relationships enter marriage or a second marriage, creating stepparent-stepchild relationships. While a stepparent may play a significant role in the new family unit, he or she has virtually no parental rights in the event the marriage is dissolved or Read More

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Perils of Filing for Bankruptcy While Divorcing

Divorce and bankruptcy sometimes go hand in hand. Marital problems are often caused at least in part by financial stressors. Many couples experiencing marital problems also bear a heavy debt load and are considering filing for bankruptcy relief, either before or after the divorce proceedings. The timing of the two legal matters — and whether Read More

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How to Start the Process of Obtaining Child Custody

Child custody is often a contentious issue for parents, whether they are divorcing or separating or have never been married. When it is impossible for parents to agree on terms of custody and visitation, the issues must be resolved in court. In New Jersey there are two paths to have the court decide custody matters. Read More

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How a Postnuptial Agreement Can Save a Marriage

A postnuptial agreement is a contract between people who are already married. It can govern issues of financial responsibility during the marriage and provide for the division of assets and debts if the spouses divorce. Postnuptial agreements are becoming more popular, since they afford couples a way to settle potential disputes over money and property Read More

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How Unwed Fathers Can Establish Custody Rights

In New Jersey, an unmarried father has no automatic right to custody, visitation or child support until he can establish paternity. Often, both parents agree on the identity of the father, and the father voluntarily accepts his rights and privileges as a parent. There are different ways to do this, some simpler than others. The Read More

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How Is Spousal Support Determined in New Jersey?

Spousal support (also known as alimony) is sometimes awarded in New Jersey divorces. Courts usually grant it where one spouse has a much higher income or earning potential than the other. Unless your marriage lasted more than 20 years, spousal support is also typically temporary. Assuming you do qualify, how is the amount of support Read More

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